We made painted steel
We made painted steel

Metipol is a reliable supplier of galvanized steel. We are focused on long-term cooperation and partnership with our customers, so in addition to quality products and a wide range, we provide a high level of service. The main advantage of working with us is proven manufacturers and regularity of deliveries.


Properties of metal

Galvanized rolled steel is a metal with high resistance to rust due to the coating of the top layer with zinc (Zn). It prevents the corrosion of metal under the influence of external factors without the need for additional processing.

Galvanized steel can be used in any climate, and can last up to 50 years.

Production process

For the production of galvanized sheet steel sheet is covered with special branded zinc. This coating can be applied on both sides as well as on one side of the sheet.

The thickness of the coating may vary, depending on the further scope of the galvanized sheet, and the expected degree of humidity of its environment.



There are three main groups of galvanized metal

  • Reliability and durability
  • Fexibility and strength
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Resistance to negative natural impacts

  • General purpose
  • Cold stamping
  • For further painting

Galvanized steel


Further processing

Application of polymer coating


Guards production

To produce

Water drainage systems

Air ducts


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Why Metipol

METIPOL is the innovator at the Ukrainian market of coated metal. A synergy of high-quality raw materials, modern equipment, and our professional team is intended to change customers’ stereotypes about metal production and to set trends. We create a new approach in metallurgy on the principles of openness and partnership.

Our philosophy of transparent walls makes complex things simple: now, production processes are open to business and end-user.

Our services


Our industry-specific services allow us to work on a totally new level – as partners and equal market participants.

Learn more about our services and how this will help your business.

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Head Office

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Production facilities and warehouse

Heavy Metal LLC
50/3 Korabelna Street,
Pervomaysk, Mykolaiv Region, 55210, Ukraine

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