We made painted steel
We made painted steel

Product quality is not our only advantage. We have developed a number of unique services for our clients that will optimize working processes and make our cooperation as efficient as possible.


Fast production and timely delivery

Flexible production with a possibility of painting in all our standard colors during one working day allow us to carry out operative delivery throughout the territory of Ukraine and in other countries. In addition, we provide delivery services and insure the cargo until it is in your warehouse.


The warranty is simple and clear to the both - business and end-user. In any warranty case we can be contacted by the both parties - the profiler company and the end user, while avoiding all bureaucratic chains. We take the solution of the problem on our own.

Smart Warehouse

Fast delivery time and constant availability of products will allow our customers to reduce the stocks of raw materials, without losing their products range. Now it is enough to book a galvanized coil at our warehouse. Select specific coils and place an order for paint when you really need it. All of these options, as well as monitoring availability of the substrate, schedule of deliveries and painting now will be available in the personal account on our website.

Technical consulting

Full information and technical support will now be available to all customers, including the end-user. We have created a hotline, which will allow you to get a prompt advice from our experts on any questions regarding selection of the material, type of coating, calculation or warranty.


Creation of the accredited laboratory is one of the priorities of our company. Such laboratory will allow to ensure our clients with a qualitative metal expertise, providing the appropriate certified conclusions.

The authenticity of the painted metal

We mark all produced coils and assign them individual numbers. Each marking is unique and guarantees the customer the authenticity of the product. By contacting us via the hotline, a customer will be able to get a complete history of the origin of the goods he bought.

Orders History

Our database stores samples and test results of every coil produced. If the customer has a need to use coils from different batches for the same project, it will be enough to tell the manager the number of the existing coil in order to eliminate any differences in coating or steel characteristics.

Price fixing

This service allows you to fix a price at the moment of prepayment. This means that we book a galvanized coil of the desired specification for subsequent painting for the customer at a certain price regardless market fluctuation. Time limit for the price fixation - up to 6 months.

Minimum order

Client orientation is our main principle of work. We value each our client, so we reduced the minimum order to one coil, and made its delivery to the client fast and reliable.

Colour matching

Colour matching service is very important for customers, who need the exact color of coating on the same object. Just provide us a sample and we will produce an identic coating. Production time will be agreed on additionally.


Head Office

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Kyiv, 01011, Ukraine

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Authorized representative in Europe

45 Fabryczna Street,
Tychy, 43-100, Poland

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Production facilities and warehouse

Heavy Metal LLC
50/3 Korabelna Street,
Pervomaysk, Mykolaiv Region, 55210, Ukraine

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