We made painted steel
We made painted steel

The base of our production is the high quality of goods.




The first independent certificated laboratory in Ukraine was founded with the purpose of carrying out of the qualitative analysis of metal and its coating and products standardization.

Our clients will be able to obtain a quality certificate for the products purchased, as well as to request an independent analysis of materials from other suppliers.

The laboratory specializes in examination of flat rolled steel with zinc and zinc aluminum coating and flat rolled steel with polymer coating according to the following indicators:

Galvanized steel with
polymer coating

  • Prepainted galvanized steel thickness
  • Coating thickness
  • Zinc coating mass
  • Coating thickness
  • Resistance to solvents
  • Specular gloss 60о
  • Colour difference. Instrumental comparison
  • Resistance to rapid deformation
  • Resistance to cracking after indentation
  • Resistance to cracking on bending
  • Pencil hardness
  • Adhesion after deformation
  • Adhesion after indentation

Galvanized steel

  • Galvanized steel thickness
  • Zinc coating mass
  • Zinc coating thickness
  • Bend test 180o for adhesion
  • The amount of oil on the surface of steel
  • Adhesion after deformation
  • Resistance to rapid deformation
  • Surface roughness


Certificate of conformity

In addition to the guarantee, each of our coils has a certificate of conformity, which declares general characteristics of the metal and shows the results of laboratory tests of product quality control and packaging information.

All tests and packaging are performed in accordance with the standards of DSTU EN 10169: 2018 (EN 10169: 2010 + A1: 2012, IDT) «Flat steel with organic coating, applied on continuous lines of colouring of coiled metal (by coilcoat technology). Terms of delivery».


SEЕ Certificate

Our products have certification of the SEЕ of Ukraine and according to the results of the examination is fully comply with the requirements of the current sanitary legislation of Ukraine, and can be used for their intended purpose.

The certificate is valid throughout the entire period of validity of the normative document DSTU B V.2.7.-58-97 (GOST 30246-49) «Pre-painted steel sheet with protective and decorative cover for building structures. Technical conditions».



Galvanized steel with polymer coating is a multifunctional material that is resistant to external influences and withstands a wide range of mechanical influences. This material is also reliable for long-term operation.

Depending on your goals and applications, our experts will recommend the most appropriate coating, and our new look at the warranty service will allow you to solve any claim easily.

The warranty period depends on the type of coating and the characteristics of the steel coil*:

Zn140 Zn200
Polyester10 years15 years
Wrinkle Polyester10 years15 years
DecoPrint10 years15 years
RWS10 years15 years
PVDF-20 years
PU-Rock-20 years


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